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Kindle Sleeve Tutorial II

This is alternative kindle sleeve tutorial to the first I posted, this time in the quilted variety.  It’s not the typical standing cover, but it serves our purposes well.  I chose to make mine with a pocket, as we like to keep the USB cord handy, but this tutorial is for both with or without a pocket.

Padded Kindle Sleeve

Materials (size depending on your e-reader):
~19″ x 8″ Outer fabric
~19″ x 8″ liner fabric and
~19″ x 8″ low loft batting
Double fold bias tape (or make some out of strips of fabric)
Matching thread
Optional: Fold-over elastic & fabric for pocket

These instructions are for the 7″ Kindle Fire HD, but can be adapted to other e readers.  I apologize for the lack of pictures, there was a lot of trial and error and I didn’t take any!

1)  Cut your outer fabric, liner and batting to size to 8″ x 19″, which is few inches larger than the final size to allow for some shifting during quilting.  Cut the pocket fabric to be 5 1/4″ x 8″ (to keep the inside of pocket free of threads, cut along the selvage edge for the long side).

2) Sandwich the batting between the outer and liner fabric, with the right sides out.  Quilt the layers together.  This is a great time to practice your machine quilting skills, but you can go simple if you want.  Here’s some ideas pulled from my Pinterest: Stippling 1  | Stippling 2  | Sample Blocks | 365 Designs

3) Optional Pocket: Attach the fold over elastic along the long (non-salvage) edge of the pocket.  If you haven’t worked with fold over elastic before, leave a tail at the top to grab on to while stretching and use the triple zig-zag stitch.  Be sure that your ‘at rest’ elastic is at least the final width of the case, so the case doesn’t pucker.

If you can’t get the hang of fold-over elastic (FOE as us diaper sew-ers call it), just use a typical rolled hem or bias tape along the edge.

4) Square the short ends of the fabric, cutting it to it’s final length of 17 1/2″.  Sew a strip of bias tape across along the top of one edge .  Attach a strip of 1 1/2″ hook tape about 3/4″  down from the edge.


5) Optional Pocket: With the right sides together stitch the pocket to the outer fabric (with a 1/2″ seam allowance), about 7″ down from the edge that was just finished, with the FOE away from that edge.  Flip the pocket up into place when done.

6) Fold the sleeve in half, leaving about 7 1/2″ of pocket and 2 3/4″ of flap. Trim one of the long edges to be square with the fold.  Be generous when triming the pocket.


7) Use a straight stitch along very close to the edge that was just trimmed.  Now trim the pocket fabric to size.  Use a regular zig-zig stitch with one side off the edge edge afterward.  The goal here is keeping the fabric flat so that the bias tape is easy to apply.

8) Cut the other side to a final width of 6 1/2″.  Repeat step 7 on this edge.

9)  Round the edges of the top flap.  Attach the bias tape around the outside.  (I find I get better results with the ‘thinner’ side of the bias tape down (it’s usually uneven), since I tend to force the top to take up the slack.)  It’s fine to leave a little overhang of bias tape on each end, it’ll be cleaned up in the next step.

10) Attach the loop velcro to the inside of the flap.  If you have the kindle on hand, it’s best to try it out, to see where it should be placed.  If not, the top of the velcro should be about 1/2″ from the top edge of the flap.  Trim and hand sew the cut edge of the bias tape into place.

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