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Diaper Wipes



Wipes are typically made out of 1 or 2 layers of fabrics. Some people prefer a thinner wipe, to reach every nook and cranny. Some people prefer a thicker wipe, which feels more substantial in your hand. The best way to figure out what you like is save a few scraps of each fabric type, and try them out! There really is no right answer, just personal preference.

Wipes made from 1 layer of fabric need to be made out of a ‘utility’ fabric – a nice thick, textured, absorbent fabric. The key is using a thick fabric! Having only 1 layer is beneficial because it uses less fabric (less money), you can fit more wipes in a container, and some fabrics have different textures on each side, giving you more options. Downsides to only using one layer of fabric are that the edges typically curl badly (which is very annoying), good thick wipes fabric can be expensive and you must serge the edges. Also, the lack of stabilization may bother some.
Good 1-layer Fabric Options:
Cotton: Sherpa, Velour, terry (old towels maybe?)
Bamboo: Velour (thick version only), Fleece, Terry (and variations)
Hemp: Fleece, Terry (and variations)

Personally, I prefer wipes made from two layers. One side can be the ‘utility’ side, like the fabrics above, while the other can provide stabilization and show off attractive fabrics. My favorite combination is cotton sherpa paired with flannel. A good economical choice for the home sewer is to use two layers of flannel. Be sure to pick quality flannel, no discount store flannel. Cheaper flannels pill more, are thin and rough, and wear more quickly. Printed flannel from Jo-Anns works fine. Benefits of using two layers are more options, less curling at the edges, good looks, being able to pair two thinner (cheaper) fabrics, and sewing them by either serging or turning and topstiching. Downsides are more fabric is needed and less wipes fit in a container.
Good 2-layer Fabric Combinations:
2 layers of any absorbent, textured fabric (thin versions of the fabrics listed above)
1 layer of any absorbent, textured fabric (thin or thick) and 1 layer flannel/quilters fabric
2 layers of flannel


Typical wipes sizes are about 8″ x 8″ which fit well in a wipes container when folded in half. Some are as small as 7″, some as large as 9″. It’s all personal preference and how big your containers are. Some have rounded edges some are square.


Some people use a spray bottle and either spray directly on baby’s bottom or on the wipes. You can use a keep dry wipes in a regular wipes container, in a wicker basket, or folded in a stack.

Wipes can also be kept wet in a wipes container, or wipes warmer. Warm water can help keep newborns from spitting up on the changing table. See the wipes recipes at the bottom of the page for more info on solutions.

Popular Brands & Their Combinations:

Layer 1 Layer 2 Size ~Price per wipe
Babykicks Hemparoo Washies/Wipes Hemp Fleece (55% hemp/45% cotton) (Only 1 layer?) 7.5” x 9.5” Ovals $1.80
BumGenius Flannel Unbleached Cotton Flannel (Only 1 layer?) Unknown $1.00
BumGenius Bamboo Bamboo (from Rayon) Terry (Only 1 layer?) Unknown $2.00
FuzziBunz Double Sided Wonder Wipes Unbleached Organic Cotton Flannel Polyester Microfleece 9” x 9” $1.80 – $2.40
FuzziBunz Wonder Wipes Unbleached Organic Cotton (Only 1 layer?) 9” x 9” $1.00
Gro-via Cotton Terry (Only 1 layer?) 8” x 8” $0.90
Happy Heiny’s Hemp Fleece (Likely a blend of Hemp/Cotton) Hemp Jersey 8” x 8” $2.25
Kissaluvs Unbleached Cotton Terry/Jersey Backing None 8” x 8” $1.25
Kissaluvs Organic Unbleached Organic Hemp Terry (Hemp/Cotton Blend) None 8” x 8” $2.00
Kissaluvs Premium Organic Cotton Velour Cotton Flannel Prints 8” x 8” $2.00
Motherease (Unbleached, White, or Colored) Cotton Terry Cotton Terry 9” x 9” $2.00 -$2.25
Planet-wise Cotton Flannel (Only 1 layer?) 8 x 8” $1.90 (10pk comes w/wetbag)
Thirsties Fab Wipes Dyed Cotton velour Dyed Polyester Microfleece 8 x 8” 1.75

Sewing Wipes


Is worth sewing your own wipes? Maybe. If you have a sewing machine and old flannel reciving blankets or towels lying around the house, definitly. If you have to buy a new serger and pay $20 a yard for the fabric you want… Probably not. Here’s some info to help you decide. For 1-layer wipes you can get 20, 8″ x 8″ wipes with 45″ wide fabric (28 wipes per 60″ wide fabric). For 2-layer wipes you can get 10, 8″ x 8″ wipes with 45″ wide fabric (14 wipes per 60″ wide fabric). The chart below breaks it down more given different price options for a yard of fabric.

Cost Per Wipe

45″ Wide 60″ Wide
Price Per Yard (1-Layer/2-Layers) (1-Layer/2-Layers)
$2.50 $0.13/$0.25 $0.09/$0.18
$5.00 $0.25/$0.50 $0.18/$0.36
$10.00 $0.50/$1.00 $0.36/$0.72

Say you want to may a 2-layer wipe out of Jo-Ann’s flannel. So, about $2.50 with a coupon, 45″ wide, that would be $0.25 Per wipe. Pretty good deal, saving about 75% off most economy wipes sold online.


Rounded Wipes – Serged
Square Wipes – Serged
Wipes – Turn & Topstich



Cut out the fabric, wrong sides together. Mark off long strips at the width you want and cut. If you plan on using the serger’s cutting feature, cut about 1/4″ wider and taller than your desired wipe size.

Then mark a line for each wipe’s height and cut.

If want rounded corners trace out each corner and cut those out. If you’re using the cutting feature, you can skip drawing the corners and eyeball it, draw the line and follow it while cutting, or clip a triangle off the corners (about 1″ off each side) to help guide your curves. I prefer cliping the corners, as its fast and still looks uniform when done.

Serge the edges. Do a test strip first to check your settings. It doesn’t really matter if you use rolled hem or not. Choose what looks best and what you’re comfortable with. Below is a diagram of the way I’ve found is the easiest to get nice uniform edges. If you’re not using a rolled hem to begin with, take off the thread guide and glide off the edges. ‘Serging’ With a Regular Machine

Turning & Topstitching

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