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Ah!!  Welcome to my incredibly disjointed and rather disheveled site!  It seems I’m much better at  building & making I am at keeping up with a website!  I’m a engineer by day, and homeschooling Mom of three at night…  and in my free time, I make apps with my husband.  You can read more about my sort-of-crazy life here.

{ Blog }

You can see what what’s eating up all my time on my blog.  It’s the most up to date area of my website.  Currently we’re doing a lot of home improvement and woodworking, but I still sneak in an occasional sewing post from time to time.

DIY Motorcycle Balance Bike

Plan & Guides }

I’ve shared plans for certain projects on my blog in ‘plans and guides’.  I’m super super behind on updating these.  I have so much I’ve designed that I want to share, but I’m super pressed for time lately. With some projects wrapping up, I’m hoping to have some free time coming up this winter.

Travel Wetbag Plans

{ Store }

And sadly, even more neglected is my hyenacart store.  I’m still shipping items as they are ordered, and making the occasional custom item.  However, for the time being, I won’t be stocking additional items until either 1) I mostly sell out of a category (or have specific requests) or 2) I break a leg in construction and all I can do is sew.





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